Thursday, 6 September 2012

greg arrived to join his sisters after he had his head fitted to his new body.

 Greg is so excited after being away for such along time having his head fitted to a new body,he was so pleased to be greated with his new adopted little sister elle,first ever meeting as when greg was at home last about 3 yrs ago there were no other sashas in the house,he had been with muma since she was 9 yrs old and was always the only sasha muma ever had muma sold greg on ebay a few years back and muma found she missed him so,so muma adopted a baby brown hair and a brown hair girl sadly they were not her greg and muma missed him so,she re adopted the others then had a brain wave and traced the buyer of her greg and begged to buy him back only to find out he had been sold as parts :(............but the buyyer said i only have his head to me that was the main part to my greg with his scare on his cheeck so the kind lady sent muma the head back free of charge muma was so pleased when she first saw gregs sweet little face again then gregs head was put away untill muma could find him a body,knowing one day greg would be whole again muma saved and saved and adopted a blonde baby sister for greg called mia then saved and saved again and along came gregs other little sister a blonde girl called elle,the girls have been waiting and helping muma by modeling clothes for ebay and then we had the funds for a body for greg :) and hes done......................and meeting his new sisters.
 Gregs scar on his face.........................
 Greg with elle they both look so alike,and what a lovely picture they take.

 Greg,elle and baby mia,one big happy family,
Greg just makes such a great big brother,he spent to many years alone with all mumas other dolls but somehow he was the only one that went every where through life with muma he now deserves sisters to play with and he was so neglected with no clothes now hes smart :)

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